About SafeCasinos

Many players in Ireland complain that it's not easy to find a reliable source of information about Irish online casinos. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place. On this site, you’ll find answers to all your questions about online casinos and gambling in Ireland. This site has reviews of casinos, news about the best bonuses, info on wagering requirements, promo codes, games, sports to bet on, and more.

Who Are We?

SafeCasinos is not a casino itself but rather your assistant in the world of gambling.  We are an independent group of professionals who check and rate Irish online casinos.  Our mission is to verify gambling sites and give you unbiased and useful reports. With this information, you can make better and more profitable decisions. Because we’re not owned by any gambling company, we are not promoting certain online casinos. Instead, we focus on what users need. We want players to avoid scams and be treated like valued guests when they play casino games and bet on online casino sites.

What We Do

SafeCasinos prepares various kinds of content. Here’s a quick overview of what exactly we do.

Online Casino Reviews

We write reviews for Irish online casinos. We test them carefully to find their strong and weak sides. Our reviews not only can save you money but also can help you win. We look at each casino from different angles to get a complete picture. Here are the important things we consider when writing our reviews:

  • 1. Licensing and Security 
  • 2. Players Feedback and Casino Reputation 
  • 3. Payment Methods 
  • 4. Game Selection and Software
  • 5. Sports Betting Options
  • 6. Bonuses and Promotions
  • 7. Casino Website Interface
  • 8. Mobile Compatibility
  • 9. Customer Support

Find more details about it in our “How We Review” section.

Audit of Casino Bonuses

Players admire bonuses, and that’s why casinos often claim to have the best ones. We work hard to check if these claims are true. In our bonus reports, we provide Irish players with  the following information:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Maximum values and caps
  • Time limits
  • Payment methods
  • Game restrictions
  • Promo codes available

Top Picks

We use data from our reviews to make a list of the best Irish online casinos. So, you can easily find casinos that would suit you best.  Remember that casinos frequently change their terms and bonuses, and therefore the list of the best casinos is continuously updated. Check reviews regularly to ensure you don’t lose your money.


SafeCasinos recognizes that preparing reviews and rankings is not enough. We are committed to providing gamblers with educational content. On our site, you’ll find valuable articles on:

  • Player guides  that explain rules and  strategies
  • Tips for casino games
  • Betting tips
  • Legal guides  analyzing Irish and international gambling legislation
  • Guides offering solutions for people with gambling addiction
  • Gambling industry news and reports

SafeCasinos’ authors provide ideas and viewpoints that may make your gambling experience more enjoyable.

Our Values

Six core values serve as the foundation for the work of SafeCasinos. They are:

We offer fair and unbiased reviews, backed by thorough fact-checking
We promote online casinos that are licensed, safe and adhere to other gambling industry standards.
We’re independent, and our reviews and conclusions come from our research and analysis rather than from outside influences.
SafeCasinos is a resource for Irish gamblers that helps them make the right decisions and gain control over their gambling habits.
Saving Money
SafeCasinos guides players towards budget-friendly choices. We teach players how to minimize the risks related to gambling habits.
Focused on Ireland
We aim to make the Irish online gambling industry better with our reviews and updates. Our goal is to make Irish online casinos safer and more consumer-focused.

We live in a world where information is important. Nathan Rothschild once said that whoever controls the information controls the world. We would say, that whoever has information about online casinos can control their budget, mental health, and gambling habits.

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