Dave Simpson

Dave Simpson

Author of Articles / Poker Expert

Hi, I’m Dave Simpson. I am a poker expert and author of articles on https://safe-casinos.ie. My academic journey kicked off at Dundalk Institute of Technology, where I snagged my Engineering degree. It’s been 9 years now in the poker scene, grinding it out in casinos and hitting up those high-stakes online tournaments. People in the Irish poker community know me for my mind games and strategic moves. Through my articles, I’m hoping to build up Ireland’s gambling community by dishing out useful tips and promoting responsible gaming.


I graduated from Dundalk Institute of Technology, where I earned my academic credentials in Engineering. My experience at Dundalk Institute of Technology was filled with challenging classes, interesting lectures, and lots of hands-on learning opportunities. These experiences gave me the tools and know-how to succeed in the field I’m passionate about.

Experience in Gambling

So, I’ve been in the poker scene for about 9 years now, diving deep into every angle of the game. I’ve spent hours grinding it out in the flashy casinos of Las Vegas and sweating through nerve-wracking online tournaments where the stakes are sky-high. You might have heard of me if you’re part of the Irish poker community; I’ve built up quite a rep for myself thanks to my knack for understanding the psychology behind the game and my solid skills at the table.

Throughout the years, I’ve sharpened my abilities by playing countless hands, which has turned me into a go-to person for folks who want to up their game and really get into the nitty-gritty of poker strategy.

Why I Decided to Blog About Gambling in Ireland

I’ve decided to start writing articles about gambling in Ireland because I absolutely love the game and I want to share what I know with other fans. I think that by giving out useful tips, insights, and analysis, I can help build a stronger gambling community here in Ireland. My goal with these articles is to give readers a solid grasp of all things gambling, from different strategies and trends to how to gamble responsibly.

Learn More About the Me

When I’m not all caught up in poker, I have a penchant for exploring wild and remote places. Travelling to exotic locations allows me to unwind, recharge, and gain inspiration for my writing. Plus, I’m really into gadgets and tech stuff, always keeping up with what’s new in the industry. Whether I’m strategizing at the poker table or embarking on a new adventure, I approach life with curiosity, enthusiasm, and a thirst for knowledge.

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