Jonathan Stanley

Jonathan Stanley

Photographer / Gambling Expert & Author


My journey into the world of gambling began at the University of South Wales, where I completed a degree in psychology. It was there at the uni that I delved into the intricacies of gambling’s harms, dedicating my research to understanding its profound consequences and advocating for its recognition as a serious public health problem. To gain a deeper understanding, I spent significant time at various online casinos, immersing myself in the environment of those I write about. Besides my interest in gambling, I am also interested in creative photography. This combination of knowledge has turned me into a gambling expert and the author of two creative blogs.

Experience in Gambling

To better understand and make my work more authentic, I played in both online and offline casinos. This was not just an observation from the outside; I was completely immersed in the world I was trying to understand. I have spent countless hours in the gambling industry, learning firsthand about the motives behind gambling and the personal experiences of gamblers. One of the books that had a profound impact on me was David G. Schwartz’s ‘Roll the Bones: A History of Gambling.’

My favorite casino game is poker, and I am a professional poker player. Over a ten-year career, I have learned to read opponents and make strategic moves, which has led to numerous tournament victories. I have also applied my analytical skills to betting on MMA and UFC matches, often with great success.

Why I Decided to Blog About Gambling in Ireland

The push for creating a blog came from a friend. He believed that if I shared my knowledge and experience, it could really help others. He made me realize that I could provide valuable advice and insights, from legal issues to gambling strategies, that would help both experienced players and those just starting out. 

The gambling business in Ireland is interesting, but it also has its problems. Through my blog, I want to promote safe gambling, keep readers up-to-date with the latest trends and regulations, and encourage smart gambling practices. I want to use what I know and love to help create a space for healthy conversations.

Learn More About Me

I blend my love for gambling and writing with an insatiable thirst for travel and photography. I like to capture the essence of my travels through the lens of my camera. But beyond the tables, blogs, and photography, my heart belongs to my family. At home and while traveling, I spend this time with my wife and two children. Together, we explore new destinations or simply enjoy the quiet comfort of home. Through my articles, I invite readers into my world, sharing the lessons learned and the beauty captured along the way.

I love gambling, photography, and travel, but my family’s happiness comes first. That’s why I play responsibly and encourage others to do the same. It’s all about finding the balance: enjoying what you love without compromising the joy and safety of your family.

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