Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade

CEO / Gambling Expert & Main Author


I pursued my passion for storytelling from an early age, and it eventually led me to the realm of literature and writing. My journey began with an educational background in literature, where I delved deep into the intricacies of language and narrative. My love for writing extends beyond the boundaries of professional pursuit; it’s a hobby and a calling that I’ve nurtured throughout my life.

Experience in Gambling

So, my whole deal with gambling started when I got super intrigued by the whole psychology behind games where luck is the big factor. I dove headfirst into learning all about how it works, like the history of it, how it affects society, and why so many people are drawn to it.

As time went on, I got pretty deep into the gambling scene. I mean, I’ve really been around the block when it comes to this stuff. I’ve spent a ton of time analyzing all the trends and strategies, and I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of loads of different casino games. But it’s not just about playing the games, you know? I’ve also taken a good look at things like the rules and regulations, how online gambling has changed the game, and the efforts to keep it all safe and responsible.

Why I Decided to Blog About Gambling in Ireland

So, I’ve been thinking lately about starting up a blog focusing on gambling in Ireland. I mean, I’m really into casino games, especially slots. Having played at numerous online casinos, I’ve acquired firsthand experience and insight into their offerings.

I know what makes a casino great, from the vibes it gives off to the range of games it offers and how good the customer service is. So, I figure, why not share all that knowledge with others? My goal is to help out fellow enthusiasts by pointing them towards the best places to play, where they can have a blast and feel safe while they’re at it.

Learn More About Me

Aside from my love for gambling and writing, I’m into a whole bunch of other stuff that really spices up my life and gets my creative juices flowing. You know what really gets me going? Fishing. There’s just something about it that’s so peaceful, you know? Casting that line out, waiting for a bite—it’s like getting in sync with nature’s chill vibes.

And then there’s traveling. Every trip feeds my curiosity and adds another chapter to my adventure book. It’s like my perspective just keeps getting broader with every new destination I hit. As an avid reader, literature not only entertains me but also serves as a source of inspiration. 

All these passions? They’re like the fuel for my life. They shape my experiences and fire up my imagination. 

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