Casino Complaints

Before Filing a Casino Complaint

No one wants to have problems with an online casino. But when they happen, SafeCasinos is here to ease your worries and help you in resolving the issues.

Resolution Process

Troubles with payments, game issues, customer service or whatever, our team is here to help players resolve issues with online casinos fairly and quickly. We know that even the best casinos are not ideal, and that’s why we’ve created our service. We offer a platform where players can express their concerns, get assistance, and solve any casino-related issues. Below, we explain the steps for filing a casino complaint.


Consider all available solutions

Before complaining about an online casino, try contacting their dispute team to fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, then you are welcome to submit a complaint to SafeCasinos.


Read guidelines and submit a complaint

Read the SafeCasinos complaint guidelines carefully. By following these guidelines, you can help us handle your complaint faster. 


Reaching out to the casino

Our dispute resolution team will contact the casino. If we don’t get a response, we’ll explore other ways to help you.


Resolving your problem

We will stay in touch with both you and the casino to make sure your issue gets resolved.

Things to remember when submitting a complaint

  • Carefully read the casino’s terms and conditions.
  • Never use false evidence.
  • Be clear and detailed about the problem.
  • Follow the complaint guidelines for the best chance of success.

What problems can I have with an online casino?

When you play at an online casino, you may face different problems. One common issue is about money. Those are the problems like delays in getting your winnings, disputes over bonuses, or troubles with depositing. Players also complain about unfair games, technical problems, and poor customer support. There can also be concerns about account security and data privacy. Therefore it’s important to pick an honest and reputable casino to avoid such issues.  Check out our expert recommendations for the best and safest online casinos.

Complaint doesn’t mean the casino will be blacklisted

We don’t put casinos on our blacklist just because of complaints. We have a strict review process. Only casinos that regularly fail our review criteria and disappoint players get blacklisted. We aim for fairness and accuracy when evaluating casinos, and consider many factors before making the final decision.


What is SafeCasinos complaint service?

It’s a mediation service for Irish players. We aim to be a fair and free mediator between players and online casinos.

Who can use the SafeCasinos complaint service?

Anyone can use this service, especially players in Ireland. All it takes is to register an account at SafeCasinos, and then you’re free to submit a complaint.

Can you help me get back my money from the casino?

If your funds have been unfairly confiscated or frozen, SafeCasinos will do its best to help you. The more information you share with us, the higher your chances of success.

How soon will you consider my complaint?

We start the process within 72 hours after you submit a complaint. How long it takes to resolve the problem depends on many factors.  The main one is the willingness of the casino to communicate with us.

Where can I find safe and reliable online casinos?

Check out our list of Top Rated Casinos here.

Let’s solve your problem!

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