Can An Online Casino Refuse To Pay Winnings?

Can An Online Casino Refuse To Pay Winnings?
Published: Mar, 05 2024
6 mins read
Can An Online Casino Refuse To Pay Winnings?

In online gambling, the excitement of winning big is sometimes overshadowed by worries about whether casinos will actually pay out. Indeed, there are times when a casino declines to pay out. In this article, I will explain when and why this happens, and what you can do in such situations.

Can A Casino Legally Refuse To Pay You?

Whether an online casino can refuse to pay winnings is determined by its terms and conditions and the jurisdiction where the casino operates. All online casinos have specific terms outlining when they can withhold winnings or deny payment. It’s important for players to thoroughly read and understand terms and conditions to prevent payment disagreements. Most casinos can refuse to pay out if a player has violated its rules or they are suspected of fraud.

But there are cases when the casino itself violates the rights of players. When the player is honest and has not done anything wrong, and the casino still denies winnings, they can turn to consumer protection laws or gambling regulators in the casino’s location.

Categories of Online Casinos in Ireland

Online casinos are popular in Ireland, but not all are equally safe and reliable. They fall into three categories with different regulations. 

Platforms Fully Licensed and Regulated by the Gambling Authority of Ireland (GRAI)

Casinos in this category must meet the highest standards set by the Gambling Authority of Ireland (GRAI). They follow strict rules and regulations. Every aspect of their work is closely monitored by this respected authority. Therefore, players can trust that their winnings will be paid out fairly and quickly. Cases when such casinos do not pay out winnings are rare.

Online Casinos Licensed by Other Authorities

The second category includes online casinos licensed by reputable authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, or the Swedish Gambling Authority. While these platforms are generally considered safe, not all of them maintain the same level of stringency as the GRAI. Some platforms may operate with slightly looser regulations, so their reliability of payouts is lesser, yet still comparatively high.

Unlicensed Gambling Sites

If you are going to play on such sites, be prepared for the fact that you will not receive your winnings and will not get your deposit back. These platforms operate without regulation; some may even engage in fraud. They often withhold player winnings without reason.

Why Licensed Casinos Might Deny Withdrawals

There are several reasons why this might happen, ranging from simple misunderstandings to more serious issues. Let’s look into why withdrawals are denied at licensed and secure online casinos:

Underage Gambling

Online casinos check ages carefully to prevent underage gambling. If they find an account belonging to a minor, they will definitely block withdrawals and cancel funds.


Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to access online casinos is often prohibited and can lead to account blocks.

Wrong Information

The wrong details that you have put in when signing up can cause problems with your account. It could be a mistake in your personal information or using someone else’s payment method; casinos often notice these issues. They may suspect you of money laundering or other illegal activities and can restrict withdrawals.

Bonus Requirements Not Met

Many online casinos offer bonuses with specific wagering requirements. Not meeting these requirements can result in withdrawal denials.

Payout Limits

Bonuses often have withdrawal limits, limiting how much can be taken out. Casinos may also set overall maximum cashout limits for certain periods. So, when you exceed them, the casino blocks your withdrawals.

Payment Method Problems

Casinos usually want players to use their own registered payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. When you try to cash out with a payment method that isn’t yours, you get withdrawal rejections.

Duplicate Accounts

Do not open multiple accounts with the same casino as this is against the rules of all casinos and can lead to restrictions on all associated accounts. 

Suspicious Activity

Large, unexplained deposits followed by immediate withdrawal requests may raise red flags for money laundering activities. Similarly, logging in from multiple devices or locations may trigger security measures that restrict withdrawals.

Incomplete Verification

Casinos need to conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before allowing withdrawals. If you don’t provide the required documents on time, you will not be able to withdraw.

Site Errors

Mistakes on the casino website or in games can give players unintended advantages. But the casino can take back any funds gained this way.

Consistent Winning

People win in casinos, but if someone consistently wins big, it might raise suspicions of cheating. Casinos may hold back withdrawals if they suspect unfair play.


Players who have voluntarily excluded themselves from online gambling platforms may find their withdrawal requests blocked. Once you’ve self-excluded, trying to withdraw funds is impossible. You should contact customer support to cash out funds from your account.

6 Tips to Ensure Your Casino Pays Out

Casinos aim for fairness, but players should ensure smooth withdrawals. Here are six strategies to get your winnings:

  1. Opt for a licensed gambling platform. Websites accredited by reputable authorities like the GRAI (Gaming Regulators Africa Forum) undergo stringent regulations and provide players with added assurance. Stay away from unlicensed gambling sites to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of fraud.
  1. Read the Terms and Conditions of the online casino before playing. These documents explain the platform’s rules and withdrawal procedures.
  1. Before accepting any promotions, carefully read the Bonus Terms to know the wagering requirements and withdrawal restrictions. Keep track of the maximum cashout limits for each offer, as these can differ. 
  1.  When you sign up, ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date information. Even small mistakes in your personal information can stop identity checks and lead to denied withdrawals. 
  1. Look at the payment methods provided by the online casino and decide if they’re right for deposits and withdrawals. Some sites only allow certain methods for withdrawals, so choose wisely from the start. It’s better to use the same methods for deposits and withdrawals to avoid problems.
  1. Complete the verification process. Online casinos usually check players’ identities, which can take extra time and paperwork. I advise you to go through KYC verification when you sign up. It greatly helps speed up the withdrawal process.

How to Deal with Unpaid Winnings 

When an online casino won’t pay your winnings, it can be frustrating. But there are steps you can take to resolve the issue. But before acting, it’s important to know your rights as a player, especially at licensed casinos. These casinos follow strict rules from regulatory authorities. If a casino won’t pay, they probably have a valid reason based on their Terms and Conditions.

The first thing to do is to ask customer support about your winnings and clarify any doubts. If that is not helpful and you feel a casino has treated you unfairly, reach out to regulatory bodies. Consider contacting organizations like the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) or consulting legal professionals specializing in online gambling disputes. You may also consider contacting the GRAI directly. The GRAI is responsible for regulating gambling activities in Ireland. Know that GRAI will ask you to exhaust other dispute resolution options first. Yet reaching out to them can demonstrate the seriousness of your complaint to the casino.

One more thing you can do is to share your experience on relevant forums or the casino’s social media and provide details and evidence. That may push the casino to respond quickly. Casinos often check forums and social media for feedback.  

All those steps can increase the likelihood of you receiving your winnings. Good luck!

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