Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Gambler in Ireland

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Gambler in Ireland
Published: Mar, 12 2024
3 mins read
Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Gambler in Ireland

Gambling has a long history in Ireland, with many enjoying various forms of betting and gaming. However, being a gambler comes with certain rights and duties. Let’s explore what these are.

5 Gamblers’ Rights

You can find the gambler’s rights and obligations in the Terms and Conditions of an Irish casino that you want to join. Think of them as a digital contract when you sign up. Some casinos show T&C  before registration, while others show them afterward. Here are the 5 most important gamblers’ rights relevant to all online casinos.

  1. Gamblers have the right to expect fairness in all gaming activities, whether at physical casinos or online platforms. They should be confident that games are conducted without any unfair manipulation.
  2. Gamblers have the right to know all the rules, payouts, and any limits or restrictions for the games they play and bonuses.Since every bonus is different and comes with its own requirements, it’s important to know the rules from the start to avoid breaking them and risking permanent account closure.
  3. Gamblers’ personal information should be kept private and secure by online casinos. 
  4. Gambling operators are obligated to provide access to responsible gaming resources and support services. This includes information on self-exclusion programs, helplines for gambling addiction, and tools for managing deposits and gaming sessions.
  5. Gamblers have the right to address any disputes they encounter while gambling. They can file complaints with regulatory authorities or online casinos  and expect fair resolutions. 

Also casinos need to offer a way to contact them. That could be Live Chat, email, or phone.

6 Gamblers’ Responsibilities

Gamblers must follow certain rules when they gamble.

  1. They must follow the legal age requirement for gambling, which is 18 years old in Ireland. 
  2. It’s the responsibility of gamblers to understand and follow the rules set by casinos in their T&C. 
  3. Gamblers should gamble responsibly within their means, setting budgets and avoiding chasing losses. 
  4. Gamblers are expected to behave respectfully toward casino stuff and fellow players. This means refraining from disruptive behavior, cheating, or any form of harassment or discrimination.
  5. Gamblers should be aware of the risks associated with gambling and make informed decisions. 
  6. Gamblers have a responsibility to seek help if they believe their gambling habits are causing harm to themselves or others.

What Should You Do if Your Rights Are Violated in an Online Casino?

If you think your rights were violated at an online casino, here’s what to do.

Save any emails, chats, or screenshots that show what happened. Read the casino’s rules carefully to understand your rights. If they broke their own rules, let them know. Talk to the casino’s support team first. They might solve the problem. Stay polite and show evidence when you talk to the casino; it’ll help your case.

If customer support did not help and the casino is licensed, report the issue to the regulators. You can also leave reviews or comments online to warn others. It might push the casino to fix the problem. If it’s super serious, talk to a lawyer who knows about online gambling. They can guide you on what to do. But you should know that it is extremely difficult to sue an online casino.

Do Not Even Try Cheat at Online Casinos

Cheating in online casinos is a big no-no. Using tricks or scams to win unfairly can get you in serious trouble. You could get kicked out of the casino for good, and they might even take legal action against you. Also, do not use anyone else’s personal info or pretend to be someone else because that could get you in trouble too.

Online casinos have ways to catch cheaters. They use advanced technology to monitor players and verify them. If you get caught cheating, it’s not just bad for your reputation, but you could also face legal consequences. Stick to playing honestly, and you’ll have a better time gaming online.

I’ve explained your  most important rights and responsibilities in Irish gambling. If a casino violated your rights or you struggled with your duties, please tell me about it. I’d like to analyze your story for an article.

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