Gambling Addiction in Children – Tips for Irish Parents

Gambling Addiction in Children – Tips for Irish Parents
Published: Feb, 29 2024
4 mins read
Gambling Addiction in Children – Tips for Irish Parents

Childhood gambling addiction is a serious and concerning issue in Ireland. It’s very important for parents to take proactive steps to prevent their child’s gambling addiction. Luckily, there are many tools and resources available to help them. If you are a parent, simply read this article and select the most suitable options.

Why Children Start Gambling?

There are many reasons why children begin gambling. They may do it out of curiosity, influenced by what they see online or in their family. Peer pressure can also play a role, as they may want to fit in with friends who gamble. Additionally, children facing stress or boredom may turn to gambling as a way to escape or cope with their emotions. Without proper education, children do not fully understand the risks involved.That’s why parents must educate children about gambling dangers, monitor their exposure, and create a supportive environment for discussing their child’s concerns.

If you spot early signs of compulsive gambling, that helps a lot in preventing addiction. Signs to look out for:

  • Excessive talk about games or online gaming
  • Changes in eating and sleeping habits
  • Sudden mood swings, loneliness, or isolation

Checklist for Parents To Protect Their Children From Gambling

Regulatory bodies like the MGA and certifications such as the Irish Betting License issued by Revenue Commissioners are working to protect children and vulnerable hroups from harm related to gambling. But parents can also take steps to protect their children:

  • Monitor the online activities of your children.
  • Use parental control software.
  • Educate about risks.
  • Set boundaries on internet usage.
  • Encourage alternative activities.
  • Seek professional help if needed.

Gambling Control Apps

Parental gambling control apps help monitor and limit kids’ access to gambling sites.

 Top-3 apps to safeguard children from online gambling risks.


Betfilter is an app designed to block access to online gambling sites on iPhones and iPads. It provides a regular web browsing experience with fast and discreet filtering. The app supports multiple languages. To use it effectively, users need to deactivate Safari Browser on their devices. Subscription plans are available for different durations with varying prices. Payment will be charged to the iTunes Account upon purchase, and subscriptions automatically renew unless turned off at least 24 hours before the current period ends.


You can try Gamban for free for  7 days and block thousands of global gambling websites and apps. For only £24.99 per year or £2.49 per month, you get full, unlimited protection across all your devices. Gamban has a user-friendly interface and can be easily installed on any device.  I think  Gamban is the top choice for parents who seek online gambling protection for their children.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a parental control software that protects your family online. It helps you monitor and manage your kids’ online activity, set limits on their internet usage, block inappropriate apps, and track the ones they use. Plus, it keeps kids safe from adult content by blocking inappropriate websites and sending alerts.

Your Child Needs Emotional Support

Stay connected and emotionally close to your child because that can also help prevent gambling problems. Talk to him or her if you notice they spend too much time gaming or spending money on something you don’t approve of.

First, establish an environment where the child feels comfortable expressing their thoughts and emotions without fear of judgment or criticism. Listen attentively to the child’s concerns and experiences. Acknowledge the difficulty of their situation and express empathy towards their struggles. Also, provide words of encouragement, reassurance, and hope to instil confidence in the child’s ability to overcome their addiction. However, you should also establish clear boundaries and expectations regarding gambling behaviour, but do it through a supportive and non-confrontational approach. Recovery from gambling addiction is a journey that may involve setbacks, so be patient and supportive of your child. 

Your Child Might Need Professional Support

If you fail to help your child with gambling addiction, turn to trusted Irish organizations for professional support. They offer programs to help children and families. While treatment may have a cost, remember, these are your children! It’s better to address the issue early to avoid deeper problems later on. These are some places in Ireland where you can seek assistance.

  • Extern Problem Gambling
  • Helplink mental health
  • Rutland Centre
  • Walkinstown Greenhills Centre
  • Dunlewey Addiction Services
  • Aiséirí Clinics
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • The Gambling Clinic
  • Together-Razem (Polish)
  • Local Family Resource Centres
  • Tony J. O’Reilly
  • Samaritans
  • Spunout
  • Cuan Mhuire
  • Tabor Group

Final Thoughts

If you find out your child is gambling or addicted to it, act quickly. Use helpful apps, talk to your child about the risks, and seek support if needed from organizations in Ireland. Stay persistent; your efforts will benefit your child in the long run!

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